Leadership Team   Ext.
    Principal/President Dennis M. Guida 3012
    Associate Principal Robert DiMedio 3004
    Director of Alumni/Facilities Tim Durkin 3006
     Director of Admissions    
     Office Manager Lisa Leibrand 3012
    Leadership Support   Ext.
    Dean of Students Sergio Torres 3037
    Staff Accountant Lois Somers 3011
    Athletic Director Daniel Dockery 3025
    Director of Guidance Jennifer Kelly 3020
    Director of Activities James Nolan 3008
    Admissions Coordinator Kathleen Jillions 3007
    Principal's Office   Ext.
    Administrative Assistant to the Principal Lisa Leibrand 3012
    Administrative Assistant (Main Office) Paula Nolan 3002
    Administrative Assistant (Receptionist, Transportation, Attendance) Melissa Sanderson 3001
    Admissions Office   Ext.
    Director of Admissions    
     Admissions Coordinator  Kathleen Jillions  3007
    Activities Office   Ext.
    Director of Activities James Nolan 3008
    Alumni Office   Ext.
    Director of Alumni Tim Durkin 3006
    Technology Office   Ext.
    Manager Candace Schmid 3014
    Support Lucas Ciarlante 3014
    Medical Office   Ext.
    School Nurse Edie Anderson 3023
    School Nurse Leslie Elero 3023