Part of the magic of Holy Cross is in the way our school encourages students to be engaged in the current status and future of the Academy. Through a combination of legacy and meaningful design, we have assembled a talented and helpful group of young students to aid in the Holy Cross mission.
    We promote expression of personalities as well as interests, and encourage individuality. Below you will find the list of our Admission Ambassadors. You are likely to meet some of these students at open houses, on tours, and at other admission events. As you get to know some of our students, you will see themes that include but are not limited to, independence, faith, community, and kindness. Enjoy getting to know them!



    gretaG Greta Gareth

    JoeN Joseph Nguyen

    jessr Jessica Romano


    domd Dominic Decker

    drewapo Andrew Paolini

    JadenS Jaden Shontz